Reasons to Live In an UF Off-Campus Apartment vs. On-Campus Dorm

Monarch Gainesville - Bedroom

Written by Loren Miranda – Let’s be real: Where you decide to live can make or break your college experience. While on-campus dorms may seem like the traditional option, there’s an even better, trendier (and cleaner) alternative that’s capturing the hearts of many students: #livingMonarch Gainesville. Privacy and Independence:College is a time to spread your […]

A Day in the Life of a UF student at Monarch Gainesville

Written by Ella Dang – Nestled in the heart of Gainesville, where the vibrant energy of college life meets the tranquility of a resort-style haven, lies Monarch Gainesville—an apartment complex that redefines student living. As the sun rises over this urban oasis, I wake up in my cozy apartment, eager to embark on another day […]