The World is at Your Doorstep at Monarch Gainesville

Written by Sabrina Castro – When looking for college housing, one of the first things to consider before signing a lease is location. When looking at an apartment’s location, you want to make sure you’re not only somewhere safe, but also somewhere that makes it convenient to do everyday things like walk to classes, get groceries or pick up a last-minute lunch. Luckily, living at Monarch checks all the boxes and makes these things easy. Just 0.3 miles and a 10-minute walk from campus, Monarch offers a place to call home that eliminates the need to stress when you’re running late or trying to create a routine school/life balance.

Fortunately, living at Monarch eliminates the need to ever really go far, with amenities like fitness centers, study rooms, a rooftop pool and so much more, why would you ever want to leave? We understand that can’t be reality (sadly) and that’s why we chose a spot that offers a relaxing oasis to call home that still feels part of the action, located only a couple minutes walk from campus, your dining spots, the grocery store and most of the other major apartment buildings for students at the University of Florida.

No car? No problem. With Publix only 2 blocks down the street, this means when you forget the eggs for your morning pancakes, you don’t have to go to class hungry. It also means you don’t have to fight strangers for a parking spot for 30 minutes. Sleep through your alarm? You can still grab a snack and coffee at Starbucks on your way to campus too. And yes, those daily Starbucks runs totally count as an essential part of your daily walk to class – it’s the kind of girl math we all appreciate.

We all have that one friend that wants to eat something healthy like Bolay when the rest of us are feeling Chick-fil-A. When living in Monarch, this isn’t an issue. Both of these restaurants are next to each other and just a 6-minute walk away. Once again, this eliminates the need to fight for parking or risk Superior Towing finding you. It also means you and the roomies never have to fight over what to get for dinner!

One of the most important features of a college apartment is choosing a place that truly feels like home, and it wouldn’t feel like home if you didn’t feel 100% safe and secure. One of the key benefits to Monarch’s location is you get the best of both worlds: miss out on the University Avenue noise and chaos, but still get the safety and convenience of 13th Street which makes walking home at any time of day or night a breeze, knowing your well-being is a top-priority.

When you choose living at Monarch, you’re not only selecting a place to live; you’re choosing a lifestyle that blends comfort, convenience and security seamlessly. Monarch offers a place where you can focus on your studies, enjoy a vibrant social life and truly make your college years memorable.

Written by Sabrina Castro